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It’s just knowing that it made an impact that can resonate with someone else, who connects with someone else, and then someone else they affect. Those ripple effects throughout people’s lives are so valuable.

And, if there’s a depth of connection with one person, that’s everything. So these conversations are that moment of depth of connection. If I can capture that depth when it launches wide, so that it hits deep, that’s everything to me.

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embark on a journey of personal growth and healing

Standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon at sunset, and instead of soaking in the awe of the moment,  depression felt like quicksand. The harder the struggle, the deeper down it pulled.  Failing businesses, financial hardship, and a stress-induced hospitalization felt like complete powerlessness.

But through recognition, humility, & mindfulness, a sense of inner peace was cultivated, resulting in a sense of fulfillment through a deeper connection with the world.  Through a first-hand account of battles to overcome depression and mental health challenges, we discuss practical steps each one of us can undertake to find and maintain peace with ourselves.

We can all create more positive ripples of change in our own lives and in the lives of the people around us. Join us as we explore the transformative potential of these tools that will spark a journey of personal growth and healing.

About Our Founder

Greg Shak has a wonderful family life, serves in a leadership role for a service provider to the real estate industry, and regularly works on multimillion dollar transactions. He also serves his community on several committees, teaches as a professor at an esteemed university, and has founded several different businesses.

The resolve it took to achieve these milestones is nothing in comparison to overcoming the prior battles with depression and other mental health challenges. Each day, Greg lives out lessons learned on his path toward finding greater peace with himself, and now chooses to advocate for mental & emotional wellbeing to help even just one more person find their way toward healing.

His purpose is clear: to serve others by helping them find more moments of peace with themselves and fulfillment in their present circumstances.

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